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2020 ŠKODA OCTAVIA 4th-gen

Coming soon, the all-new OCTAVIA

There is no more important car new for the Czechs this year, than the new Octavia model generation. Thanks to the great success of Octavia, individuals and companies are looking forward to the new model generation, which will be a great favorite for everyone, continue as previous model generations, and still a market-leading model between new and used cars. The new model generation is already being tested in the Alps, where they photographed, camouflage with appearance of the new Octavia, however, it will arrive at the stores sooner next summer, the new 4th generation Octavia. The new Octavia was disguised as Superb on spy photos, but according to the news, get the new model is really sporty from the designers, and at first sight we don’t see what we see, which is a disguised new generation Octavia on the pictures.


The new Octavia is coming soon ...


Škoda had previously been engaged in disguising her new models, such as the current Fabia model generation, they were disguised as a VW Polo during testing. The new model generation received a lower and wider grille according to the news, as well as two-part headlamps are given one-part headlamp again, which will also appear as four eyes, as the current model generation. It is assumed that after Scala and facelift Superb, the Octavia will be the new crystal design model, but we still have to wait until we can see the new model without a camouflage. Before the public presentation is expected to provide new information, will disclose Škoda and pictures, which is already visible in the new model, however, this couple has some spy photos of the car, which is a little taste of the new model before the official factory photos, but not to see the final form clearly in the camouflaged car, which will be presented at the exhibition.


Škoda is already testing the new Octavia, disguised


Based on spy photos, several windows were drawn for the new model generation, than previous Octavia model generations, but it is expected that the practicality will not be inflated, because the new model generation will be longer, than the current model generation, and even the wheelbase will be larger. From the luggage, the sporty design won't take away, but the new generation is expected to get in the D-segment (Large family/Mid-size cars). We'll see the new Octavia models for the first time in the fall, but it's still a question of where the premiere will be. We have already heard that the new Octavia model generation will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new Octavia models sales are expected to begin in February 2020, and its debut is expected in October or November. Until we have accurate information about the new Octavia, we only know some information, such as the expected engine supply, and the performance range.


Superb look from behind - thanks also to the good camouflage - 


Based on the current VW Group engine offering, the base petrol engine will be a 1.0-liter TSI engine with a 3-cylinder, which comes with 1.5 and 2.0 liters TSI turbocharging engines, but the two larger gasoline engines are already 4-cyl. The engine supply is expected to range from 95 to 190 hp, this was written on the Czech car pages, but I think the 115hp, 3-cylinder 1.0 TSI petrol engine will be the base engine, instead of the inferior 95 hp, as the base engine of the current Octavia range is the 1.0 TSI petrol engine with 115 horsepower, - and so I think in the new model generation, the base engine will be at least as strong as the current Octavia range. In addition to gasoline engines, there is also a new diesel engine on offer, which is a new 2.0 TDI Evo turbo diesel engine, which is expected to replace the new Octavia vRS models, which will only be available in 2021, expected in petrol and diesel variants, - but since the first electric iV models have already appeared in Skoda's offer, it is not excluded that there might be a sports version similar to the Golf GTE and Passat GTE in Skoda's. The Octavia RS models are expected to be even more powerful in the new model generation, and the current strongest Octavia RS245, already rated at 245 hp, - the new generation can reach up to 300 horsepower.

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