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2019 3D Design M5 F90

3D Design, Japanese tuning company offering new tuning items for the latest M5 (F90) model series, which further enhance the appearance of the wild high performance sport sedan. The appearance of the M5 model is enhanced, with the new carbon tuning elements like the front lip spoiler, that fits perfectly into the factory bumper, and its price is ¥208,000 (about US $ 1,920/€ 1,171), but the list contains many more carbon tuning items.



The newest M5 Sedan, with the new 3D Design tuning parts


There is also a new carbon side skirt between the exterior body parts (¥ 228,000 - about US $ 2,106 /€ 1,883), but this body element can also be fitted to the G30/31M-Sport models. The demonstration car shown in the pictures still received the new fender ducts, that could be ours for ¥ 48,000 (about US $ 443/ € 396). The unique M5 release still received the carbon rear diffuser set, which significantly enhances the M5 appearance, and this is the most expensive new tuning item in the Japanese company, with ¥ 318,000 (about US $ 2,937/ € 2,626).



The 3D Design M5 F90 tuning model - exterior details -


The rear diffuser is also available as a single item from the supply, and its price is ¥ 208,000 (about US $ 1,920/ € 1,171), and the rear under flipper (single item – price ¥ 128,000 – about US $ 1,182/ € 1,057), in addition to the look and driving dynamics of the BMW M5. … and the latest new M5 carbon tuning body item, the trunk spoiler (¥ 118,000 – US$ 1,090/ € 974). The new tuning with body elements can make your M5 even more unique. The price shown is the manufacturer suggested retail price excluding tax.

Advice: The surface of carbon products is degraded by UV light, so it is recommended to use a clear UV cut type.

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11:35:18 PM, 06/01/2019



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