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Just 122 hp, but you can easily move the small CLA

The worst petrol engine was in the nose of the CLA test car, which was a CLA 180 model, but despite the nomination only a 1.6-liter, inline-4, 122 hp petrol engine was used by the car, which produces 200 Nm of torque in addition to performance. The despite low power and torque spry small machine the CLA, which gives two adults even more dynamic driving performance with base petrol engine. The model tested has already received an automatic double-clutch transmission with 7-speed. The driver has the opportunity to change the driving mode, which can significantly improve travel comfort, but when we just want to push the accelerator pedal and drive sportily, the Sport mode enhances the driving experience, most of the customers are not excluded from the sport, why they buy these models even with a basic engine, but the new generation is already available in America.


The powerful 1.6 engine, with 122 hp, but this power is enough for everyday use


The test car sounds quiet at the start, which occurs in a higher speed range when we go sportingly and spin the engine. Its dynamism is also due to the peak torque available in the low speed range, we already have a RPM of 1250 and up to 4000 is the peak torque, however, it delivers peak performance at 5000 revolutions, so the CLA tested dynamically. According to the factory data, the best cars for everyday use are given instead of their acceleration value between the cars for everyday use, has one of the best acceleration values, what it does in 9.0 seconds (0-100 km/0-62 mph sprint), I can only pay tribute to a basic motor car. The top speed of the CLA 180 is 210 km/h, you don't need more than a car for everyday use or we go with him for business trips, but the advantages of the car are its small external dimensions, which makes it easy to park with the CLA.


The traditional analogue instrument cluster is the last one


The 2002 Mazda 6 Sport wasn't much faster in its time, with the 2.3-litre 166 hp petrol engine, which, in turn, consumes 9-9.5 liters on the highway due to the short-speed manual gearbox (5-speed), which gives sportiness and dynamism to MAzda, but already at 130 km/h speeds over 3000 rpm. However, the CLA 180 consumption is significantly lower, in which the double-clutch automatic transmission also helps, with the 7-speed, which allows lower rpm at highway speeds. The driving mode also affects the automatic transmission, which in Comfort mode has changed much earlier than in Sport mode gears (higher gears) for lower consumption, and thus its average consumption is only 5,4 – 5,7 l / 100 km, the 7 liter average consumption is not bad either, which can be easily approached with a sporty driving style, because those who buy such Mercedes models love sporty driving and speed limits are rarely observed (as much of the leaders are leading in Hungary and in other countries), so already it is now difficult to achieve the factory-measured consumption value, but such a sporty and dynamic model driver will not restrain if they know the limits of their car. Helps the driver by a numerous of leading support systems the car (for example Active Brake Assist - part of the basic equipment, and help prevent the accident), so the car takes care of the driver and its passengers, and the model tested has already received the SOS emergency system, which can help a lot if the accident has already happened.



2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Coupe, with AMG Aerodynamic Paket (C117) & CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake (X117)


We also get good brakes for the drive, which will help a lot if we tread the gas pedal properly, and these quality brakes provide an excellent, fast stop for the CLA, but whose basic brakes are weak, they can still choose the AMG package, which includes stronger brakes with painted calipers, AMG body styling, and further external and internal characteristics. Who has little 122 hp, they can choose the strongest 250 model from the basic CLA models, which already produces 218 horsepower, and only the CLA 45 AMG is stronger, which has a 2.0 liter, inline-4, turbocharged engine with 381 hp. The diesel range consists of 109-177 horsepower engines, the diesel engine lovers also offer a nice selection of Mercedes, the next generation is expected to have a hybrid version later, along with petrol and diesel engines, what you already more and more customers are looking for car manufacturers in the model range, individuals and companies. The latest C-Class is also available with the hybrid drive from the Mercedes range.


The sporty rear part of the CLA Coupe, with LED rear lights


The CLA has the best air resistance factor in its class, what the new CLA generation (A-Class Sedan) has got from the designers, and it also drastically reduces average consumption, however so less power is enough for better acceleration. The CLA also got the downsizing engines (the smaller engine is made with greater power design), which includes only 4-cylinder engines in the CLA model range, which also contains the AMG version with 381 hp. In addition to small cars, large models also get smaller engines, so V8 and V12 engines will soon be able to leave the range of manufacturers, nowadays only AMG models are available in the Mercedes model range, like the 63 AMG models are made with a V8 engine, and the 65 AMG models are made with the rarer V12 engine, which in the long run are unlikely to remain in the model range, thanks to increasingly stringent emission standards, but in the hybrid sports models, these unique V8 and V12 engines can survive.





CLA models offer an acceptable alternative for younger drivers who want a quality car for everyday use at reasonable prices. In America, two versions of CLA are available (CLA 250, CLA 250 4MATIC & CLA 45 AMG), and the starting price US $33,100. In Australia, however, only CLA 45 AMG is available. In great britain supply starting at £ 26,165, which is a CLA 180, and the CLA 45 AMG (£44,830)the top model. According to, the cheapest CLA in America is US $ 13,850 (2015 CLA 250 with 81 435 miles ) and the most expensive CLA is US $ 62,150 (2019 CLA 45 AMG AWD with 10 miles) and a total of 1106 CLA for sale at In Australia, there are 633 CLAs sold by website, and the cheapest CLA for a CLA 200 Automatic for AU $ 27,500 and the most expensive one is CLA 45 AMG 4MATIC for AU $ 104,953 (showing car).

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