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2018 Merceds-Benz CLA 180 URBAN test – European model version –

Luxury, among the minis

The model tested is one of the models in the USA, from Mercedes model range, the manufacture of which started in 2013 as an entirely new model at Mercedes. The new model is a stylish 4-door coupes at affordable price for customers, which is after the renewed A-class success, there was no question, with the more affordable price the CLA brought new young customers to Mercedes. The 4-door coupe body is right behind the passenger seat, but the height of 170 cm (5"7') is uncomfortable to travel in the rear seats row, and boarding is not easy for the small door opening, but a more practical version was made of it, which was called Shooting Brake (Coupe-Estate) version. The tested model is already the runway series from the CLA firs generaion, as the new A-Class sedan (CLA) generation is expected to arrive by the end of the year.

A cool coupe with 4-door

Mercedes has hit the world of its smallest car design, with coupe roof arch, which leaves so many headboards in the back seat as it looks from the sender's appearance, and the narrow rear door opening, which only children can easily get into.


The aggressive athletic nose appearance


The appearance of the nose design, brings the dominant slightly aggressive look, making Mercedes still the dominant brand on the road, even for the smallest models, too. Sharp lines familiar to the A-Class with the headlights, and the Mercedes trademark grille - gives a truly unique look, which we easily recognize, that a Mercedes comes behind us, even in the night thanks to the unique headlight lighting, as well as the nose design was still received, a little chrome air drifting lips, which further enhances its stylish appearance.



Stylish, younger design among today's cars, even though the next CLA generation is already here


The bumpy features of the bonnet, however they can point to the high performance, which can not be said about the tested car that it is true, that there is a great power under the hood, because only a 122 horsepower petrol engine was given the test car, but it also brings the unique overall effect, which is a bringing new young clients to Mercedes. From side view we see a nice coupe, which does not appear in all colors on the two rear doors. The benefits of a thick column for greater safety collisions, but but the big border for the bigger dead space, parking and crossroads, which is improved on some level by the frameless door windows, thanks to the large glass surfaces and the blind spot assist. The pictures also show that the test car has oversized wheels, which is already includes the 18” wheels in URBAN equipment as part of the equipment, which despite the comfort level in the Comfort mode surprisingly pleasant, and even on cobblestone roads, it absorbs the road bugs nicely.


This coupe design is nice, but the rear seats row is very tight for passengers


However, in Sport mode, travel is not pleasant, on poor quality roads in Hungary and Slovakia, but this remains the last chapter. The rear of the CLA has been quite good, which in URBAN equipment already includes the chrome exhaust tips, and behind the true exhaust system, but the designers were smart at Mercedes, because the CLA exhaust tips is very realistic, which gives many manufacturers a very plastic effect. The luggage compartment door was equipped with a sporty air diving lips, today also enhances its athletic appearance, what complemented by LED taillights, with the unique blade shape, which is estate version also received, which I think was more beautiful than the sedan-coupe, but everyone decides what he thinks is more beautiful.





Stylish look, with unique, high-quality interior

The Mercedes CLA was really stylish in appearance, which got the quality inside of the Mercedes models. Already when we open the door to feel the quality workmanship, and when we pull the door handle, the door windows are gently pulled off slightly to prevent damage to the glass in the door, and the doors close much finer, after that I sat into the test car sport seat. The seats received fabric-leather upholstery, and keep the driver and the passenger in their place very well in the high speed cornering, when we control the car with the fine leather multifunction steering wheel. I have previously tested Audi and BMW models, but the Mercedes is something from a completely different world, even also the small CLA, which is one of the smallest cars in the Mercedes model range.



Fine lines and quality materials in the interior, some tiny simple plastic parts (but still brings the premium level)


We can see the hood from the driver seat, which is becoming less common in today's cars, and rather, we meet with the larger top category models with similar views from the front seats, for the long bonnet models. When engine starts, we hear the sound of the engine quietly, which can only hear engine sound really, when you push the accelerator pedal and the engine rpm is rotated to the red field, and then the CLA starts easily. Under the CLA's bonnet was a 122 hp engine with 200 Nm peak torque, what in a tested model, a 7-speed double-clutch transmission is transmitted to the front wheels, which give the driver a very good driving experience, with front wheel drive, which is surprising that some car manufacturers are doing very well, like the Mazda. Easy to operate from the leather steering wheel the on-board system and the mobile accessory system, however the automatic transmition, too, which in the tested model right gear lever is the shift lever (just like in almost every Mercedes model with automatic gearbox), which gives you a handle like the wiper switch.



The tested CLA 180 URBAN got the multi-function leather steering wheel, we can handle the car perfectly - The center console has a simple, clear appearance and on top of the touch screen - The glove compartment is very small, perfect for storing the make up kit


The tested model was equipped with paddle shift, so the driver also has the option of gear change in the CLA 180 model. The updated CLA test car is already using the keyless system, but the key has got a traditional Mercedes key design, as well as released the manufacturer's application, which provides numerous of information to the owner, which is applicable on the android and Iphone phones systems, and this service has also appeared on several brands, like the Skoda and Mazda brands. The front row is surprisingly spacious even with 186 cm height, too, which is mainly due to the recessed roof upholstery, and we sit in a very low seat position, which besides got many storage compartments, and the CLA mini glove compartment, but don't wait much for a small car, however, the driving experience compensates. The tested model, however, only got manual climate, despite its rather high pricethe test car, however, only got the climate - which is expected to replace the new model generation (A-Class Sedan/CLA) with an automatic climate (in standard equipment).



 The front sports seats are very comfortable, the adjustable thigh support also enhances the most individual seat adjustment possible, and the sporty driving provides the front seats, the driver and passenger are kept very well in place. In the rear seats row, however the headroom and legroom are missing, thus the CLA Coupe is a two seats sports car, so the rear seats are only for kids or suit jacket storage.


With such little things, it is not a good thing to depress the client, but when it was launched in 2013 it was still acceptable in this category, if we look at it among the smallest starting models instead of the premium segment, which is the A-Class that underlies CLA. Much can not be said about the rear seat row, which got a very nice upholstery, like the front seats, and the door trim is beautiful with the usual Mercedes electric window buttons, but the rear doors is small, like the door opening, which is very tight, so boarding is not pleasant, which gives an acceptable space up to a height of about 170 cm, and only two people. in vain is the seat belt in the middle seat, if someone wants to travel in the middle seat as the third passenger, the trip will be very uncomfortable (rear seats row are only recommended for children).



 The luggage compartment opening is tight, but its size is acceptable (470 liter), and just 40 liters smaller than the current Dacia Logan Sedan luggage comaprtment  (510 liter), but at the CLA Coupe, the luggage form takes a lot of luggage


The middle seat is more suitable for the elbow support, which enhances the comfort for rear seat passengers. The CLA is made for a fashion car, what shows its appearance is very good and it fits perfectly these expectations. The interior is followed by the luggage compartment, which is 470 liters (The basic boot size of the Shooting Brake version is 495 liters, which can be further increased) and it is already an acceptable size (just 40 liters smaller than the first Renault Thalia parcel), but the boot opening is not the biggest, much more is lost on the luggage compartment lid straps cover elements, but in exchange we do not break anything with the strap and the luggage door closes very nicely and gently. I can say so much about the first generation CLA, and the next generation is already available in several countries. The current model generation (1st generation) got a beautiful look (exterior&interior design), and quality work that customers expect from a real German car.

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