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  2017 Lexus NX300h first run test - first page  

A sportier Lexus for the younger customers

Lexus started only in the 1993 with the first model, which is the LS400 and which was a great success, like Toyota’s luxury brand in the America and Europe, too. The result is visible on the precise Japan carmaker offer, which is constantly expanding, such with models like IS, GS or RX, which are still very popular in the Lexus range, but high-class sports cars have also appeared in the Lexus story. Like the legendary LF-A and the currently available LC500 sport model, as well as in the meantime, become available all Lexus model with F-Sport equipment. In the model range recently, a newer model has appeared, which is Lexus small luxury SUV, the NX, and I took for small test this new model and this is also available F-Sport features.





Hybrid technology in the cool appearance

Lexus recently launched the new NX model, which is a completely new model in the model range. The small SUV got a sporty, youthful appearance, which brings newer younger customers to the Lexus. The new Lexus NX starts as a rival to the Audi Q5, Volvo XC60 or the Mercedes-Benz GLC. The NX new sporty appearance, a new customer circle brings to the Lexus, which brings newer young customers and ladies buyers, at significantly lower price (RX price, from €52,000/ US $ 43,270 “hybrid – US $ 45 695) and with a smaller, more sporty look compared to the RX model.



The new NX with youthful, sporty look

  The spindle grille can’t be left out of the NX’s nose, which gave the tested car a sporty look, in the gray color and already well-known Lexus trademark (and this can only be enhanced on F-SPORT versions). The NX test car got gray spindle grille, which was supplemented with lower honeycomb grille, and this is only used on sport models, like on the Golf GTI, but very good with the NX shape world, too. The new NX has sporty gill air vents in the front bumper. The thin headlights also give a more aggressive look, which is complemented pipe shaped LED turn signal lights, which are very good in this solution, as well as the LED headlights even give the night a unique look.  


The new NX 300h - exterior details - 

  The modern attractive shape world continues on the side, with the sharp break lines, which are beautifully played with the lights, and the 18-inch wheels they look quite normal in size, but also beautiful. The fenders are getting even wider wheelchairs, which swell from hybrid force from the 197 hp total power, what the hybrid system can offer and very easy to move the new NX. … and is still behind the stylish modern rear section, which continues the flow of sharp break lines, in which the modern Lexus LED tail lights fits, like headlights, with unique L-shape lighting – and this is also the Lexus’s uniqueness, like the spindle grille on the nose. The without paint protective elements are coming, if we’re wrong for dirt road while travelling to our country house.  




The rear bumper has a grille inserts on both side, but it’s just design element, which is different on the sporty and elegance versions. The exhaust is in the blanked (equipment level can vary the design), true this is a hybrid and not the serious exhaust pipe the point, but the sporty appearance, so it enhances. The blue brand logo can’t be left out of the hybrid version, in the sizable form, which is already ordinary by many manufacturers and on the Toyota/Lexus models, as well as this is refer to hybrid technology, too.

Spacious interior with a real premium level

Sitting in the NX a real quality interior waiting, with the comfortable good side quard seats, as well as what we’re just touching in the interior, there are only fine, soft touch materials we meet.


Spacious, high quality interor - in the NX 300h -

  The electric ventilated leather seats, at sporty driving also keep the driver and passenger, and in the rear seats row the two side seats were also ventilated, so the rear passengers also get the top category comfort. The NX multi-function sport leather steering wheel gives for the driver enough feedback, which we can enhance in sports mode. In the sport mode the hybrid measuring clock changes traditional tachometer, and get a red background color the full unit. The NX in the Eco mode changes a blue background color, however in the Normal mode has no background light, which can also make the gas reaction more sensitive, depending from driving mode. The following driving modes can be selected: Eco (right button turning), Sport (left button turning), and Normal mode available the rotary switch by pressing, and this is very simple to use, but this is also available on the steering wheel, so it is easier to choose a mode when driving. Driving the new NX enjoyable and sporty, which is also referred to by its external appearance.  


Lexus NX 300h - interior details - 

  In the interior also received the attractive solutions, such as dashboard design, but I've seen something similar before in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio test car, which is nicely extending. The center console button layout is also simple and everything is in the usual place, as well as the radio is hidden underneath, which also provided metal rotary switches, like the air conditioning controls and the mode selector. The new NX front seats can be adjusted within wide limits, which can provide an adjustment for almost everyone, with the memory function. In the inside the interior lighting got a milk glass design, which gives much better appearance to the passenger compartment. The driver can easily handle the touch screen, and which gets Touchpad at larger touch screen, and it’s very easy to use for the driver, like on the laptops or notebooks.  


Beautiful, elegant features in the interior, which show modern workmanship

  The driver has placed the mode selector and the EV mode switch in one place, and by this already a few miles (or km’s) can be made cleanly electrically, as well as got the ESP on/off power button, which is still well come next to driving modes, if we are such in the situation with the our NX. The beautiful design of the cabin continues in the back, where there are plenty of footsteps behind the front seats that have been completely retracted, which is comes very well if not only the children are brought to school or nursery school, and so with its interior size already a full value luxury crossover, which is do well in everyday life and as a business vehicle. The leg room with the normal setting is huge, but the headroom with my 186 cm (6,1 ft) height, it’s still enough because already the my big hair touches me.  


The comfortable leather seats, and trunk, which is not small either, plus tire repair kit under the luggage floor

  The comfort is still remain, but it’s only comfortable for two adults, up to 190 cm height, however already on the center seats an adult has little room. The comfort of the rear passengers has been enhanced, with the folding center backrest, which is quality elbow supper with two cup holders, but it’s expected at the premium level, which is indicated by leather-coated handrails with the fine retraction. It's hard to believe about the Lexus NX that it offers a spacious space in the rear seat row because of its athletic shape, but the two adults still fit comfortably and it is also very suitable for long journeys. The passengers get soft leather door covers, which are only covered in the bottom with a plastic cover, but this does not impair quality feel. The comfort is further enhanced by the installed ventilation holes (front and rear), as well as with the ventilated leather seats (but only two outer seats).  




The length of the seat is also adequate to the comfortable travel. Next to the spacious cabin, the luggage compartment is also large, which is basically 555 liters (but with a folded rear seat row, we can increase to 1600 liters - hybrid luggage space dimensions), but instead of the spare wheel instead of the tire repair kit, so even a floor compartment has been replaced. The loading of luggage is facilitates the electromagnetic luggage compartment door, and we can ask for this requested with automatic closing. In the new Lexus NX models the rear-view camera also helps, which is the sporty rear part for required which gives the driver a bad back view, and this can help a lot in the rearview camera. The NX300h test car will bring the required level up to now in unique packaging, and is an excellent rival for German premium cars.

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