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  2017 Škoda Octavia RS245 Combi – test – first page  

Incredible good Sport Combi from the Škoda

Škoda always excellent suitable for everyday use sport Octavia’s made, which is after every update they became stronger and stronger, but still kept their popularity with its unique appearance, practical and excellent performance. We freshest Octavia RS test car, the currently available most powerful version, which is new RS245 in the estate version.





Even more sporty exterior

Škoda designers have recently imported the new design, which gives the RS more sporty and aggressive appearance, thanks to the new split headlights, which gives the renewed Octavia a wider appearance and this is very well suited to the new Octavia RS. The nose gives usual sportiness, but the new nose is more aggressive, with small details giving a wider effect for the renewed model and the unique split LED headlights, which will give back the aggressive look even at night.



Octavia RS with the aggressive exterior

  At the RS version, even the usual air openings were increased by the black rims also increased in sight, as well as finer-line lighting in the front bumper. The sporty nose continues to bring the RS legend, the more aggressive appearance on the roads, which is almost unchanged from the side view, but the RS245 received the largest wheel currently available, which was also the previously tested on the RS version (of 220 hp), but with a renewed slightly modified rim design, which is still a factotum sport machine, as before.   




The rear part also slightly changed, which means mainly the new LED rear lights and smaller new features, but retained the all-round reflective inserts strip in the rear bumper, as well as the top petrol engine model still got black exhaust pipe design in the rear bumper, which covering the simple exhaust pipes, which can be forgotten in the Škoda, but this solution is used by BMW on the new 7 Series luxury sedan, which already expects a customer more than 100,000 euros, but this is still enough, and forgets this little thing, the beautiful detailed elaboration in the passenger compartment, than the steel buttons – this is not a cheap solution, for which they can already claim the luxury price at the BMW. But the Škoda Octavia RS is also different from the basic Octavia, like the Scout version.

The usual RS interior

Beside the sporty exterior the renewed model brings the usual passenger compartment, the front seats with improved side support sport seats and the diamond patterned upholstery. As we sit in the even faster Octavia RS it immediately surrounds the front RS sport seats in the driver-oriented cockpit, as well as sports seats still have built-in headrests, like other sport models.



Sporty exterior with the hothatch-like interior, sports seats, leather steering wheel and more details

  The embarkation is even easier the 3-spoke flat-bottomed leather multi-function Sport steering wheel, which is already funded by sports cars, than in Lamborghinis or Audi R8. The interior got the red sewing stitching on the steering wheel, shift knob, handbrake and the leather seats, which already is commonplace for sport models. When the ignition is switched on, the indicators are run straight through the white scale meters, which also receive red emphasis. When the engine is started, a familiar 2.0 TSI engine sound break up, which behaves in normal mode like in the Octavia, SuperB or Passat.   


The new RS features in the interior with the sport leather steering wheel, RS design meters, and digital accessory meters on the touch screen

  The new RS245 is moving nicely the turbocharged engine, which gives even more sporty sound in the Sport mode to the driver’s ears, and this is already audible differently from the smooth VW Groupe models, and is still on the market without a rival. The tested model fitted with the DSG automatic transmission and this transmission in Sport mode is noticeably faster than in normal mode, and even better to spin the engine, which allows the driver also manually changes the gear, after which you can switch speed on the gearbox with gear lever or paddle shift, and it returns the manual speed shift feeling on some level, but still the manual gearbox fits sports models, and the electronica can’t speak about gear shifting, so it only depends on the driver, how much you can take advantage of your Sport Combi performance. The DSG gearbox makes it easier and urban driving also makes it easier, with not shift done by the gearbox instead of us. The RS model kept the spacious passenger compartment (front and rear), as well as many practical solutions, which was also obtained by the economical CNG Octavia Combi. The RS model still got it the new touchscreen with performance monitor, which can show such important data, like the oil temperature, water temperature, G-force and even the stopwatch is included in the system, so you can even track your laps on the track days, but this was also got the SuperB Sportline, too.   


The Octavia RS model also comes with sport pedals, heating and cooling controls such as SuperBs, plus electrically adjustable seats buttons

  The renewed Octavia RS interior has become more colorful, in the SuperBs you can find cozy LED insert strips, which runs through the doors, as well as driving the car give the driver a greater enjoyment compared of the Octavia models before the upgrade, and feel this on renewed Octavias. In the RS models, mostly the powertrain that highlights of the basic Octavias, which gives back the experience of ancient RS models, highlighting the driving of basic Octavia models.  


The Alcantara leather front sport seats and the rear seats row, plus the giant luggage compartment

  However in normal mode it is like an everyday Octavia, in everyday use, in comfort, which is still rare among sports models, but this is also thanks to adjustable driving modes, and already appearing in more and more sports and casual models – but still in its unique segment of the Octavia and versions, with its outstanding dimensions, which would be in a larger segment, however the SuperB will get you above the Octavias. The SuperB is also available with sport trim level (Sportline), and this is even stronger than the Octavia RS245 with 2.0 TSI 280 hp petrol engine (the Škoda SuperB Sportline is also available with other engine versions). We continue with the powertrain, which makes the Octavia an RS model …  
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