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  2017 Skoda Octavia Combi STYLE G-TEC – 1.4 TSI CNG – test - 1st page  

Czech big fish, even better in the shape

The well-known Czech carmaker the Škoda, big one create with the newest models, the quality of which is already reaches the level of premium manufactures. The quality design also shows that how successful design language has become to the Škoda, whereupon the BMW to get Jozef Kabaň (the Škoda main designer), who brought the Crystal design into the Škoda supply, and his last work the coming soon will be Karoq. The new models next to also the popular Octavia has also been renewed with the freshest design, next to it a new technology supplements it receive, as an option is available wireless phone charging, which suitable for mobile phones usable.

Wider impact with sportier exterior

Škoda spectacularly refreshed the current Octavia generation, which the most striking details of the new split-headlights, which very similar at the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W212) headlights, but to the Škoda more stylish design and at the same time unique daytime running lights (DLRs) give for the popular Octavia. Front grille merge with internal lamp, so wider effect in the renewed Octavia appearance, from which also even in the dark easily recognizable.



More sportier exterior design – 2017 Škoda Octavia G-TEC Combi


To the sportier appearance it still comes the redesigned front bumper, which break lines and insert grid changed, and also the fog lights they became narrower. The predecessor large front fog lights in place of and grille in the middle the tuning through outstanding part already also reaches its bumper corner, which than tested model still received a gloss chrome decor strip, with which even more aggressive and younger they gave it external look, for the well-known and popular worldwide Octavia, which is still retained the front bumper spoiler-like lip, like a sports cars just restrained integrated. The pre-upgrade version after the renewed the basic plastic grid in place of got a gloss black grille the tested model, which is already completely closed in the middle, so not excluded that sensors can be found here to the adaptive cruise control. From the nose going further, however the ordinary with Octavia Combi form we meet, which unchanged stay and if you look then are noticed, that a renewed model is this.



New more aggressive nose, the all-new LED rear lights and new TRIUS 17” wheels

  Back to the back, however I'll see you here too with some renewal, which is mainly the re-designed rear lights means, which is already in the unique LED version also available, and already in the continuous LED strip light, however not to see LED bulbs in it, which next to it much more round LED C-shape it received the lighting, plus surrounds the brake lights more traditional LED lights. The new taillights not just beautiful and more specific lighting in the night, but we will be more visible on the roads. On the back the conspicuous new lights next to yet the bumper sketching has been renewed, which are not noticeable, but the usual sportier and elegant appearance loan in the even estate version, which rather choice of family clients.   



  In the pre-upgrade version even the luggage compartment door also it was considerably lighter on the estate, as in the hatchback version, which the ladies likes it, who is also with a light movement they can close without effort, but because more with the renewed hatchback version I didn’t meet, so I don’t know, that to the weight of the luggage compartment door made it easier or not.

Higher quality, in the usual spacious space

Škoda not only updated outside the 3rd generation Octavia, but in the interior, it's also spectacular in the cabin with qualitative improvement, which one already receives in the Kodiaq released glass design multimedia systems, with touch button.


Renewed passenger compartment

  Already when we sit down in the renewed Octavia, and then we will notice it the finer material is used, the modern technologies, like the new glass design (with touch buttons) multimedia system, which is a number of important information can provide the driver, with big icons in turn on the touchscreen with easy you can select submenus and functions. Among them the tested model included the GPS system, but the radio and car informations next to further important information can also be displayed. The driver with renewal was given new instrument cluster, what earlier in the RS and Laurin&Klement models they used, but already white scale instrument cluster is also available to basic Octavia version, which gives a much better consistency in the appearance. The tested model has already received the leather multi-function steering wheel, which it was flat-bottom version, which was previously only for sports cars and Octavia RSs, which has the advantage of providing easier access.  


 The tested model has a sport leather steering wheel and is already using a measuring clock customary for the Lauring & Klement models

  As well as MaxiDOT display facilitates the exchange of information, which can also be displayed, most of the mutimedia touch screen information, and we can turn the driver support systems on or off, on while driving. It comes the newer Škoda Octavia dashboard in the usual form, but upper part made of soft material, and this improves the quality sensation, too. The center console got a new touchscreen, which for this version already got touch buttons thanks to the fully glass surface, and underneath heating and cooling controls in the usual layout. The Octavia test car even got 2-zone climate control, plus heated seats. Those extras provide excellent comfort on the winter and summer days for the driver and passengers, who in the comfortable seats occupy space and we also get huge interior, so travel is also comfortable at the back, even three adults, too.  


 The interior brings the usual spaciousness and practicality 

  Test car got the glovebox with air conditioning function, with adjustable heat control so always cooled properly we drink or anything else to cool down. Front seats are improved side support fabric seats, and can only be manually adjusted, but even with dynamic driving also keeps the driver and passenger in place.  
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