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Civic Type R and Clarity Fuel Cell Powertrains - 10 Best Engines

Honda has collected new award, which is among the 10 Best Engines, with a fuel-efficient Clarity Fuel Cell and the most powerful Honda in the American market, and this is a new Civic Type R, which has been awarded a winning powertrain. The models were recognized for their horsepower, torque, technology, observed fuel economy, relative competitiveness and noise characteristics. Having two advanced powertrains named to the Wards 10 Best Engines list demonstrates the prowess of Honda engineering that meets the needs and lifestyles of a diverse range of customers.


2018 Honda Civic TypeR

  The Civic Type R features the most powerful engine ever offered in a Honda production vehicle in America, which is a 2.0-liter DOHC VTEC Turbo® direct-injected powerplant advances performance on multiple fronts with a peak output of 306 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 295 lb.-ft. of torque between 2,500 and 4,500 rpm1. The Civic Type R is the Honda range is the fastest model, with a track top speed of approximately 170 mph, but NSX is crosses this speed, but in America they are sold under the Acura brand name. The other award-winning powertrain is used by the Clarity Fuel Cell created a hydrogen-powered fuel cell stack 33 percent more compact than its predecessor with a 60 percent increase in power density compared to the outgoing Honda FCX Clarity.  

2017 Honda Clarity FCX Fuel Cell





The more compact fuel cell and integrated powertrain, comparable in size to a V-6 engine, now fits entirely under the hood of the sedan, allowing for a more spacious cabin with seating for five passengers. The Clarity Fuel Cell features a class-leading driving range rating for zero-emission vehicles with its EPA range rating of 366 miles.

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