2017 AMTS – Budapest, Hungary

Hungary’s most famous exhibition the AutoMobil & Tuning Show, and it will be in March this year adding even more fun for the visitors. The show after the first few years it was transferred in the Hungexpo, which since then every year this is exhibition space, which is becoming more popular and bigger. At the exhibition already a few years ago are present also the brand importers with the newest model range.


2017 AMTS - 1st prize this is the Audi TT Roadster tuning car

  This year there will be three days the event, exciting several programs. This year will be the 1st prize the Audi TT Roadster, which was built in the Westend City Center. The last year’s 1st prize is a BMW Z4 Roadster tuning model, after which in this year the unique Audi TT Roadster the lucky winner will take you home. On the tuning car show now will be separately SUV zone, EV Green Tech and the Cabrio exhibition by a lot of tuning cars and beautiful Hungarian girls, without whom it would not real tuning show the 2017 AMTS. On the show also be present RS-tuning brand models for the first time, and in the Die Hard 5 movie star vehicle the big MRAP Cougar replica, which there will be the exhibition, in the Hungexpo G-pavilon so on the Hungary you can watch it up close the rough machine.  


About 2016 AMTS few pics




  Used in the movie three special vehicle but only one left on the Hungary. The rough vehicle features the bridge jump, driving through stairs and even after overturning is wet further. The film built special vehicles based ZIL Russian truck. This year show greater one will be about like last year. To the exhibition even now number of visitors for the world to you that on the weekend entertained at the AMTS. The exhibition included Gymkhana National Championship, Classic Automobile Show, Rusty Roders HotRod Show, a MISS AMTS2017 choice and live car building on the locale.  


2016 AMTS & girls


Ticket prices this year 12,80 € (Adult – 4 000 Ft), 8 € (Children under age of 14 – 2 500 Ft), the Family ticket 30,40 € (2 adults and 2 children under age of 14 – 9 500 Ft) and free entry for children under age of 6. With the club card 3 000 Ft (about 10 €) discount on the spot. Also now it offers excellent entertainment for visitors the 2017 AMTS tuning show. To the emphasized event you should go, where everyone can find program on the tuning event. In the 2017 includes even more exhibitions as before getting used to.

- Patrik Kartos -

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