5 popular used cars which many cause problems

Used car market from problematic cars a newer Top5 list made, which is interesting, that four out of five German car. According to many German car more reliable, like an Italy Alfa Romeo what a Top5 list refute. German colleague appointed few cars to list, which are attractive appearance popular, but reliability in the not all case can be German carmaker nuclear-proof add reliability their cars.



Alfa Romeo 147TI


Of the article a few main problems is reveals and that which with model and within that version there are expensive problems. A Top5 car list cause surprise just to a car not from German makers made and two cars it came from among premium German cars. A short description include important problems about next five cars.

1.Alfa Romeo 147

Slowly for 20 years the Italy hatchback still it has not lost its popularity on the used car market, which is due to Alfa attraction.



2003 Alfa Romeo 147

  The Alfa Romeo 147 however suffer with problems, as the leaking oil and cooling water, which is 3 years need maintenance with water pump together and the electronics can also cause problems. Aforementioned along a 147 got excellent suspension, which potholes poor quality of roads can not tolerate, therefore frequent replacement pins.  




2. Audi A6 (C6)

After a little Italian follows a German popular elegant sedan and sport estate sold versions of A6 series (C6 – 3th generation), what also occur pretty expensive problems. Audi A6 3th generation the first copies already 13 years and the goods available also has a daily worker, but purchase to pay worth attemption, that do not spend fortunes for improvement.


Audi A6 Avant


The Audi A6 make with manual and classic automatic transmission, as well as with CVT transmission, that called for Multitronic and I previously tested even of the previous in the Audi A4 Sedan, which in the testcar 8-speed used, but this only pre-programmed levels. For Multitronic so expensive may improving, if anything goes wrong, which can be mechanical and electronic problem, but the latter it may be due to control electronics incredible high repair price. Audi Multitronic transmission oil replacement 55 000 km after required.

3. BMW 320si E90

Acquired the 3th place Bavarian kidney grill is the BMW 320si, which homologation racing version street edition. Of the 320si only 2600 examples made for street use (According to previous articles), which in the nose a 320i engine, reworked version the 2.0 litres 4-cylinder engine, and product 175 horsepower instead of 150. The new model it was popular in his day, however on used car market hard sell even despite the low price, because who knows the biggest problem, which a engine, they are different look for alternatives.



BMW 320si (E90)

  For BMW E90 series also perfect chassis got, so give a true driving experience. The 320si engine however, only suffer from design defects, but increasing the engine suffering, when they appear gaps on the cylinder walls between the cylinders, which made of aluminum and very thin, so when cylinder wall rupture end of the engine, that already over 100 000 kms is damaged.  




4. VW Phaeton V10 TDI

The last two place with the VW models, from these on the 4th place the Phaeton V10 TDI. The VW Phaeton on the European market it was not the most popular more than during a 10-years career, that even previously tested also updated version of the model, that now replaced the all-new Phideon. The V10 TDI versions used price however already very low and even the unique 10-cylinder TDI V-engine also we get to, which problems also come.


The 10-cylinder TDIs unlike other versions more older and more km number more and more trouble, and repair cost the buyers pay, but in this category not a big problem unto the buyer, as a cheaper car at. In the engine compartment there is not enough space, so even a cylinder head gasket replacement also suffers from the auto mechanic, which one reason for the high repair costs. The V10 TDI instead of all engine versions right decision, if you count the repair costs.

5. VW T5

The Volkswagen most popular commercial vehicles 5th place are between problematic models, which since its release already the T6, 6th generation in the Transporter series. The popular model also struggling with some problems, as the rear springs and shock absorbers difficult to bear the permanent strength strain.





The sliding door sliding windows around leaks appear, and the TDI PD versions often if occurs in the cylinder wall damage, which torn pieced to cause harm in the exhaust system, with using turbo. These are not unusual problems, but even in the cylinder head gasket can cause problems. Of the T5 (Transporter, Multivan, California) so despite extra charge also the updated Common-Rail engines mounted versions it recommended to choose, which extra charge not necessarily higher than the PD TDI T5s with repair costs.

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